Support Letter Fall ’12

Dearest Family and Friends,

First, I want to thank you for being faithful to our friendship and sincerely caring about me and the adventures I am led to. I am writing to update you about the last seven months of my life. God surprisingly led me to Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO to continue my education and get a degree in Mathematics and Christian Ministry to become a math teacher. Last semester at Ozark was such an amazing experience. Even though I went through times of badly missing home, I finished strong and enjoyed every second of it. I made some really great friends, learned things that have changed the way I live, and read A LOT of books. At the end of the semester my mom flew to Joplin, drove back home with me, and boy did we have fun! This Summer I had the privilege of nannying three loving tweens, tutoring often, and spending time with my family, boyfriend, and life group. Although I am really enjoying my time in California, it is almost time for me to go back to Joplin for another four months. I will be taking Matthew, Acts, and Healthy Relationships at Ozark and Geometric Theory at Missouri Southern State University. I will be living off campus with a couple friends and hopefully will be able to find a job at a coffee house or babysitting.

Once again, I am going to need support from my lovely family and friends. First and foremost, I need your love and prayer. Pray that God will continue to use me as His Light in Joplin. Pray that He will continue to break my heart for what breaks His. That He would forever and always be my number one priority. Secondly, I am going to need to be blessed financially. Last semester, I was blessed with the exact amount I needed to pay my tuition. I received a $900 scholarship for earning a 4.0 last semester! God is so good and I know that as long as I am faithful to Him and His plan for me, He will provide, emotionally and financially. This time I need to raise just under $6,000 for classes, books, and rent. Pray and ask God if He is calling you to support me financially. If He is, wonderful! If He is not, please keep me and my ministry in your prayers!

I will be praying for each of you and want to remind you how much you mean to me. If you have any questions, you can call, text, or email me.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8 (NIV)

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. God Bless YOU!
I love you,

Melissa Pinho


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