I’m related to these people//YouTube videos.

I was slightly bored this morning so I went searching on the internet for some interesting videos. The ones that seemed most interesting to me were the ones of my family. I did a little search on YouTube and this is what I came up with. It brought joy to my morning!

Here is a video that my brother, Ethan, filmed at Uncle Mike and Aunt Hwayeon’s wedding. I enjoy this video because it shows snapshots of a few of my very favorite people, including my beautiful Grandma Norma (Grammy) who is no longer with us. Enjoy a minute and a half of (some of) my crazy family:

This is a good one. Me being me–Sexy:

John’s reading of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is ridiculously cute. Over 45,000 views on YouTube:

“The 9-year-old Spy” was created by brother and Dad, John Lee and Erik Lee. It is super cute and creative:

Jessica and I made a soymilk commercial while hanging out one random day. I seriously haven’t had regular milk since this video until a couple months ago. How funny:

John did a speech on Japan, a city, I mean country, in Asia. He talks about Ninjas and “Salami”:

Probably not a good idea now that I think back on this, but I enjoy the adorableness of my siblings. I forgot how PRECIOUS Jenny was as a child:

This is a video of my mom’s family in the 60s. My mom is so tiny and looks a lot like me! I also love that her Grandma Corinne, whom I was named after, cared so much for the children and was always holding them and walking with them! I also enjoy the little girl in the pool so happy. I think that’s my Aunt Jill!


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