Give everything

Sometime this week I saw this saying, “Give everything but up,” and it got me thinking about the things in my life I will not abandon, as well as how not giving up will show you your true potential.

There is a small list of things I will give everything but up for: the Lord, my husband, my family, a few amazing friends, and love (which is really just the whole list combined).

It can be so easy to get lazy and forget about people and even your responsibilities in your relationships. What I have learned when giving everything but up for certain people is that the effort given may not be reciprocated, but that’s okay. My intention for devoting myself to someone, no matter how many times they might let me down, is to show that person I will be there for them at any cost. This can be a tough and timeless journey, yet so meaningful for an authentic relationship.

Giving everything but up has also revealed my true potential when it comes to diet and exercise and discipline in multiple areas of life. Once I can convince my mind I am capable of something, my body follows closely behind. Overcoming doubt in yourself is as easy as this quote from The Newsroom– “We just decided to.”

Decide what you will give everything but up for and see how it transforms your relationships and confidence in yourself.


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