Life Update!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and obviously a lot has changed in the last 7+ months. So, here are the highlights:

  • We have moved! Within the same city, but to a different apartment complex.
  • My friend, Ashley, and I started Write It Down Stationery, a stationery company and blog dedicated to creativity and generosity. Ashley designs the beautiful cards and I help her with social media and our blog! You can visit the store by clicking here and the blog by clicking here.
  • I have graduated Ozark Christian College (in May 2014) and am about to graduate Missouri Southern State University in May 2015.
  • Neil and I became godparents to a beautiful baby girl, Indy. Her parents are some of our best friends and we can’t wait to finally meet her. Distance is sucky sometimes.
  • I’ve become even more obsessed with coffee. Good coffee this time! Neil showed me the light and I will never go back!

I look back and read my older posts, very spread out and odd, and really want to delete them. I have decided not to delete them because even though the content is super random, reading what I have put up here in the last few years reminds me how much I’ve grown, whether in my relationships or in my blogging skills (better stuff is coming!). I was actually just reading a blog post by Mitzi Starkweather and she experiences the same thing when looking back at her older work as a photographer. I know everyone grows and I will keep my posts up because that is how it will remind me!

I hope everyone is doing well,



One thought on “Life Update!

  1. Melissa
    You sure make me proud! One of my favorite things to do is look back at things you wrote to me in Elementary and Jr. High because it shows me that you have always had a heart of gold and have grown so much at the same time…The old posts are important and part of your life story…keep em for sure ❤️Mom

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