Melissa got a job!

I’ve been working for about a month and a half. I work at my school, Ozark Christian College. I clean one of the dorms on campus Monday through Friday for 3 hours/day. I vacuum the hallways and the lobby, mop the laundry room and stairwells, take out the trash in all 3 bathrooms and the […]

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Six days left.

Today is Monday, January 2nd. I leave for Joplin, Missouri on Sunday, January 8th. There is so much stuff I still want to do while I’m here for the next six days. I want to see all of my friends. Spend time with my family. Eat the incomparable California food that I will be missing […]

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My very first support letter!

Here is a electronic copy of my support letter. I look forward to writing about my many experiences so that you will feel like you are right there with me along my journey! December 4th, 2011 Dearest Family and Friends, Almost one year ago, I felt God changing my heart and my direction in choosing […]

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